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Dr. Halil Ertürk

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Dr. Halil Erturk was born and grew up in Konya/Turkey, where Rumi has lived.
He earned his MD degree and internal medicine speciality from the Gulhane Medical School in Ankara, Turkey.
A practicing physician in internal medicine for many years, he has specialized in preventative medicine, executive health, weight loss, longevity, smoking cessation, diabetes and autoimmune diseases.
He has been managing personalized weight loss and well-being programs before he joined the wellness team at Canyon Ranch in Kaplankaya.
Dr. Erturk is experienced in smoking cessation with certification of Tobacco Addiction Treatment.
He shares his knowledge and experience about healthy living, anti-aging, longevity and weight loss at his website “”.

Dr. Halil Ertürk

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İç Hastalıkları Uzmanı. Canyon Ranch Kaplankaya +90 252 511 00 51